A multifunctional community center for Bögöz

Bögöz, a village in Szeklerland in Harghita County, is nestled in the picturesque region of eastern Transylvania and is mainly inhabited by Szeklers, a Hungarian minority in Romania. In addition to the village of Bögöz itself, the municipality of Bögöz also includes seven other villages such as Székelymagyaros, Béta, Décsfalva, Székelydobó, Agyagfalva, Mátisfalva and Vágás. The municipality currently has 355 pupils in kindergarten, primary school and grades V to VIII. Bögöz has already taken measures with the aim of offering a comprehensive programme for sport, culture and education.

To make this programme sustainable, the right infrastructure is crucial. A multifunctional hall is urgently needed to provide children, young people and adults with a holistic platform for their development. The hall would create a permanent and weather-independent facility that would support a variety of educational, cultural and sporting activities designed to strengthen community building and prevent young people from drifting away. In addition, the hall would help to preserve cultural heritage and encourage participation in traditional activities such as folk dancing, music and crafts. It would also be a focal point for the promotion of educational programmes, tutoring and sports skills development, which in turn would enhance individual development and educational opportunities for all age groups.

Four partners are working closely together to plan and implement the multifunctional center in Bögöz. The German association Basketball Leben e.V. acts as a sponsoring association and supports the project by providing advice and raising funds. Locally, the Romanian association Club Sportiv Bögöz (Mugeni) is largely responsible for implementing the program. The local council of Bögöz (Mugeni) and the local school Általános Iskola Bögöz are also involved as partners. Both institutions are 100% behind the program and provide premises and transport. They act as important contacts for the implementation of new activities and the execution of the existing program.

Need analysis

We have carried out a comprehensive needs analysis to determine the exact requirements for Bögöz with regard to a multifunctional community center. This report presents the key findings of this analysis in order to provide a sound basis for the planning and realisation of such a facility.


Assessment of the Principal of Bögöz

The principal of Bögöz also carried out a thorough assessment of the current situation and gave his opinion on the urgent need to build a multifunctional hall.


Planning and construction process

True to its motto ‘near and far’, the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has been involved in social student construction projects in developing regions for years. The project in Romania was developed by the university in a design studio of architecture students.



An overview of statistics from Bögöz will provide insights into various aspects of the village community, including the number of inhabitants, the number of Roma minorities, the distribution of age groups and much more

Inhabitants of the Bögöz municipality

Gender distribution in the municipality of Bögöz

Age groups in the municipality of Bögöz

Number of schoolchildren* in the Municipality of Bögöz by village

Number of kindergarten children of the municipality of Bögöz by village

Proportion of the Roma minority among kindergarten and school children in the municipality of Bögöz

Proportion of families with kindergarten or school children in the municipality of Bögöz entitled to social assistance

Proportion of schoolchildren* with physical and/or mental disabilities in the village of Bögöz

Statistik: Wie akzeptiert fühlst du dich.

Statistik: Hast du Belästigungen in den letzten 6 Monaten in deinem Umfeld wahrgenommen?

Why Sport

Basketball Leben was born in 2014 from an idea that was as simple as it was crazy: We, four basketball players from Munich and Bögöz, wanted to organize a basketball camp for young players in Romania. A few months later, we put the plan into action. And because the camp was more enjoyable than we could have ever imagined, we came back the following year and supported the construction of an outdoor court on site to counteract the lack of sports facilities.

Since then, the program has grown steadily. Today, 4 teams train in Bögöz. In summer they play on the outdoor field, in winter in a sports hall in nearby Szekelyudvarhely.

Sports are important for the motor, cognitive and social development of children and young people. Studies have shown that exercise can increase children’s learning ability and social-emotional well-being. But for us, sports are more than a means to an end. Sports shape people. As part of a team, you learn early on that you can only accomplish many things together. You learn to take responsibility, to stick together, to treat each other with respect, and to be tolerant. You learn that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what language you speak. What matters instead: How you behave on the court. How to stand up for each other. And how to fight together for a cause.

Our Timeline

Our Team

Sandy Lorenz

  • Executive Chief
  • Finance Associate
  • Vision Planning and Goal-Setting

Éva András

  • Project Manager
  • Field Coordinator

Miriam Storch

  • Programme Advisor

Nadine Samy

  • Research Associate
  • Policy Analyst
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Katalina Farkas

  • Public Relation Manager

Irén Katona

  • Social Worker

Valts Rozentāls

  • Social Media Manager