Where we are

Bögöz – “our” place in the heart of Transylvania

Bögöz is a village in Szeklerland in Harghita County. Szeklerland is a region in eastern Transylvania inhabited mainly by Szeklers, the Hungarian minority of Romania. The Szeklers maintain their own culture and speak Hungarian. Politically, they argue for more autonomy. Even 16 years after Romania joined the EU, poverty is widespread. This is especially true for rural regions – and thus also for Bögöz. Most people in the region are farmers or work in artisanal businesses. Tourism is also a source of income for the region.

The region is economically underdeveloped. Many people commute to work in the next largest city. The income per hour largely corresponds to the national minimum wage, which is 3.10 euros. Every year about 30 people go to Germany for 2-3 months to work as seasonal workers. The number of people who work abroad for several months each year is 50-60. The number of socially disadvantaged people is in the three-digit range, these include recipients of social assistance, family allowances and people who receive financial support due to a disability.

In addition, the municipality of Bögöz faces other challenges: Some parts of the municipality, especially the members of the Roma community residing there, have little to no integration in municipal activities.

Furthermore, the economically precarious situation by European and Romanian standards has led to a lack of activities for children and young people. Especially when it comes to sports, culture and education outside of regular school lessons. Physical education classes at school take place in a small classroom that hardly serves the purpose. There is nothing to do after school – which means that children are often left to their own devices. We want to change that. We want to support the inhabitants of Bögöz in giving the village a new sense of community and young people new perspectives – in close cooperation with the responsible people from the community.

Ethnic map of Mureș, Harghita and Covasna counties in Romania (2011 census)

Inhabitants of the Bögöz municipality
(which includes several villages)

Proportion of Roma minority among schoolchildren* in the village of Bögöz

Age groups in the municipality of Bögöz