Donate your time

Donate Time: There are a variety of ways you can get involved with Basketball Life

Donating time is invaluable not only to us as an association who need help and support, but also to those who volunteer their time. It is an opportunity to gain valuable experience, develop new skills, make new friends and feel like you are doing something meaningful.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who are willing to offer their support. Whether you are one of the gifted copywriters, talented photographers, creative filmmakers, accomplished organizers, or skilled fundraisers, there is something for everyone to do!

Creative Volunteers:
Are you talented in the creative field? We need help creating promotional materials, engaging content for our social media channels or website. With creative donations of time, we can better spread our vision and increase our reach.

Event Organizers:
Organizing events takes time, planning and resources. This is where you can contribute your skills to organize fundraisers, workshops, or charity events. Such events not only help raise money for our projects, but also bring people together and create awareness for our causes.

Sponsor Search and Fundraising:
Finding sponsors and fundraising are crucial aspects for our organization. Do you have talent in communication and negotiation? If so, you can make a valuable contribution by reaching out to potential donors, forming partnerships, and developing fundraising campaigns.

Consulting and Mentoring:
If you have expertise or special skills, we’d love to benefit from your knowledge and experience. We are always looking for advisors and mentors.

If you feel like making a positive difference, please contact us. We look forward to you and your valuable support to make a difference together.

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