Bildungsspender – The charity shopping platform

Web search: Anyone can help – every day

The Bildungsspender – web search is the optimal start page to support our institution permanently and sustainably. A registration is not necessary. Unlike a normal web search, stores and service providers that offer what is being searched for and Basketball Leben can be supported financially are displayed here immediately.

The search results are based on the Yahoo search, but are evaluated and presented differently by Bildungsspender. If the search results include a partner store of Bildungsspender, it is displayed with a green link and a mini-logo.

Shopping and doing good at the same time

The Online-Shops section lists 33,264 stores and service providers listed on Bildungsspender. Help with shopping even without registration. The purchase price is not higher compared to direct purchase.
To narrow down the search, you can also search or browse only in certain categories. Depending on the online store, a certain percentage of your purchase value will be booked as a donation to Basketball Leben. There are no additional costs for you.

Store alarm – never forget a purchase again

Shop-Alarm is a browser extension (add-on) that recognizes when you are on a partner store page of Bildungsspender. There is automatically an insertion (see example below), which draws attention to the fact that you can help here with the purchase or booking. You only have to click “Help anonymously” or “Help logged in” to activate the store. After the click, one is automatically directed via to the selected partner store and can carry out the purchase or booking.

The Shop-Alarm is also available for Android smartphones in combination with the Firefox app (see example below).

Download for Firefox
Download for Chrome
Download for Opera

Learn more about the store alert here.